Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014: Days 12-18

I'm finally catching up on my photos! I'll try to keep the comments short on these ones and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, May 12

Blouse: Me-made (Sewaholic Pendrell, pre-blog)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Skirt: Me-made (Sewaholic Hollyburn, pre-blog)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Thrifted (Arnold Churgin)

I have to comment on this one, though, because I LOVE this outfit. The blouse is made from vintage rayon that once belonged to my great grandmother, and every time I wear it, I remember how much I love it. I just don't wear it very much because it's fussy to iron! It's View B, the one with the ruffles, although you can't see them in this photo.

Can I also point out that these are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn? I bought them at a thrift store for $10, and though that's a little more than I would usually pay at a thrift store, they're handmade in Italy and look barely worn. After wearing them a bit, I'm sold! They are so, so comfortable.

Tuesday, May 13

Camisole: Mom-made (self-drafted)
Cardigan: RTW (Line for Mendocino)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Shoes: Consignment (Hego's)

I'm now calling this skirt "me-modified", as per my mom's suggestion. I just can't justify calling it refashioned when I all I did was chop off the top and make an elastic casing.

You'll also be seeing a lot of these shoes this May! They are also handmade in Italy (though the brand is Polish, I believe), and they are the softest leather ever. I don't love the look of them with a skirt, but it's growing on me.

Wednesday, May 14

Blouse: Me-made (Sewaholic Alma)
Jeans: Consignment (CJ by Cookie Johnson)
Sandals: Orthaheel

Although I love this top, it really only gets worn when it's really warm out, since it's hard to layer over. I think it went up to 24 degrees this day, though, so it was perfect weather for it!

Thursday, May 15

Shirt: Me-made (self-drafted, pre-blog)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Cardigan (not needed by the time I took pictures): Consignment (Jackpot)
Shoes: Orthaheel

This skirt is proving to be really versatile! With the weather so warm, I haven't been getting as much wear out of my favourite black skirts as I normally would. I never thought I would go for two floral patterns in one outfit, but I actually quite like how this looks!

Friday, May 16

Camisole: Mom-made (self-drafted)
Cardigan: RTW (Dynamite)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Sandals: Orthaheel

I had a dress rehearsal for my dance performance today, and forgot to take a photo until after I had done my hair and makeup... whoops! It's funny though, in photos the stage makeup doesn't look over-the-top at all, but it definitely does in real life!

Saturday, May 17

Shirt: Me-made (Sewaholic Pendrell, modified)
Hoodie: RTW (Maha Devi)
Pants: RTW (lululemon)
Shoes: Orthaheel

I had two dance performances this day, so I completely forgot to take a picture! I pretty much wore dance gear with a me-made knit top rather than a workout top, because I had to change into dance clothes anyways to go to my performance.

Sunday, May 18

Shirt: Me-made (Sewaholic Pendrell, modified)
Hoodie: RTW (Maha Devi)
Pants: RTW (Lucy)
Shoes: Orthaheel

Another day of performing, so another lazy day when it came to clothes. It was the first day this month that I resorted to sweatpants, and it's quite an accomplishment that I went that long without them - usually I live in sweatpants when I'm at home (which no one will actually believe, based on what I wear to school).

That's it for today! I haven't completely given up on taking pictures, I promise. It's been getting harder to come up with new outfits, but I like the challenge, and I can't believe that May is almost over!

Oh and, for more photos, have a look at my flickr. I'm trying to get a bit better at taking photos with my tripod and timer, so I've been taking lots, although only 2-3 make it online. MMM has also been great for improving my photos!

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