Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me-Made-May 2014: Days 19-25

Wow, May went by so quickly! This is my last post to catch up on photos, then I'll do one last one with days 26-31, and then some sort of round-up post (with some photo outtakes... I have some pretty good ones with all the photos I've been taking)!

Monday, May 19

Camisole: Mom-made (self-drafted)
Hoodie: RTW (Maha Devi)
Pants: RTW (Lucy)

...not my best day! I had the day off school, so I forgot to take a photo again (I remember when I have school, because it's part of my routine now! I get home, have a snack, take a picture). 

Tuesday, May 20

Camisole: Mom-made (self-drafted)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Shoes: Consignment (Hego's)

Not much to say about this one, besides the fact that the look of these shoes worn with skirts is growing on me. What can I say? Comfort wins.

Wednesday, May 21

Blouse: Me-made (Sewaholic Alma)
Jeans: Consignment (CJ by Cookie Johnson)
Shoes: Consignment (Hego's)

I tried something different today, and wore this blouse with a camisole underneath. I find that it rides up a little (I think the darts need to be raised a bit), and I thought that wearing something underneath would help... but nope! It actually made it much, much worse - it was so wrinkly all day, and I was constantly pulling at it. It only looks decent in this photo because I had just pulled it down!

Thursday, May 22

Blouse: Me-made (Sewaholic Pendrell, pre-blog)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Jeans: Consignment (CJ by Cookie Johnson)
Belt: RTW (can't remember the brand)
Shoes: Consignment (Hego's)

Not much to say about this one, again. I really love this blouse when I wear it, and I'm glad that MMM has forced me to wear it a bit more!

Friday, May 23

Dress: Me-made

Here's a sneak peak of my finished grad dress! This was "grad day", although oddly, I still have a couple weeks of school left, then exams. My valedictory ceremony isn't until the end of June.

I'll save the rest of the photos for another post! I was so happy with the finished dress, and I can't wait to show it off.

Saturday, May 24

Dress: Me-made (Sewaholic Cambie)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Shoes: Consignment (Hego's)

This was a strange day... dry grad, the event after the banquet, went until 5 am, and once I got home, I didn't go to bed until after 6:30. I only slept about 4 hours, but I was so awake and full of energy the whole day. Even so, I forgot to take a picture! I only remembered in the evening, when I went to see my friend in a musical (she was fabulous, by the way), but I didn't want to bother while I was out. Oh well! This was just my outfit from day 1 with different shoes.

Sunday, May 25

Shirt: Me-made (self-drafted, pre-blog)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden

This was another lazy, rainy day - my lack of sleep was starting to catch up with me. 

As I said, May has gone by really quickly! It's been really interesting keeping track of what I've actually been wearing, and trying to wear my me-mades in new and interesting ways. I've already started planning way, way ahead of myself with all my new ideas for things to sew... but that's another story.

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