Monday, 2 June 2014

Me-Made-May 2014: Days 26-31

This is it for Me-Made-May! It's gone by really quickly, and I've really enjoyed participating (although it's nice to be able to wear some of my favourite RTW/thrifted clothing again, without having to figure out how to pair it with something me-made). Here's my outfits from the past week, and within the next few days I'll do a round-up post with some photo outtakes... just for fun.

Monday, May 25

Shirt: Thrifted (Armani Exchange)
Skirt: Me-made (Sewaholic Hollyburn, pre-blog)
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden

This top was one I found for $10 at a thrift store... a little pricey by thrift store standards, but it is an expensive brand, and it fits me quite well. It's a cotton/nylon/spandex blend that's a lot more comfortable to wear than a lot of poly/cotton shirting fabrics.

Looking back at these photos, it definitely needed a press before taking them. Oh well!

Tuesday, May 27

Camisole: RTW (Dynamite)
Bolero: Mom-made
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden

Pretty much an outfit repeat, but with a different (but very similar) camisole. When my mom drafted the camisole that I wore with this outfit before, she modeled it after this one and used a remnant that we bought that happened to be pretty much exactly the same colour. This one is getting really worn out (it was really cheap, and I bought it a few years ago), so I don't mind having two camisoles that look practically the same.

Wednesday, May 28

Shirt: Me-made (self-drafted, pre-blog)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Hoodie: RTW (Maha Devi)
Sandals: Orthaheel

Again, not my best day... although I don't particularly like this top, this is becoming one of my go-to outfits this May. I think I need to sew a little more with knits, because I clearly wear them a lot!

I actually didn't wear the hoodie most of the day... but by the time I took pictures, it had cooled off a bit.

Thursday, May 29

Shirt: Me-made (Sewaholic Pendrell, modified)
Cardigan: Thrifted (Cynthia Rowley)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Tights: Hue
Boots: Steve Madden

By this point, I was getting a little bored with taking daily photos, so I was trying to have a little more fun with them! 

Friday, May 30

Dress: Me-made (Sewaholic Cambie)
Cardigan: Consignment (Jackpot)
Sandals: Orthaheel

I realized on this day that I still hadn't worn one of my favourite me-mades, my first Cambie dress! It was a little cooler today still, so I needed the cardigan, but I really like it with this dress. This cardigan goes with everything! I feel like I want to knit a cropped cardigan in every colour of the rainbow now.

Saturday, May 31

Camisole: Mom-made (self-drafted)
Skirt: RTW, me-modified
Cardigan: RTW (Line for Mendocino)
Sandals: Orthaheel

I think I've worn this skirt more than anything else this month! I think I really need to sew some more summery skirts, because I obviously wear them a lot, and this is really my only one. All my other skirts are black, and don't feel very summery!

So that's it for Me-Made-May 2014! I really enjoyed participating, but I'm kind of glad that it's done. It's been really interesting to keep track of what I wear, and I've learned a lot about what works for me and what doesn't. Stay tuned for one last post!

If you participated in MMM, how did it go?


  1. You look so lovely in blues! I think my fave outfit for the week is the cambie dress with the cropped cardigan.
    Well done, and I really like the forest glade setting you've chosen for your photos.

    1. Thank you! I think that's my favourite outfit this week, too, especially since it hides the fact that the neckline is a little wonky on that dress (not that anyone else really notices, but...)

  2. Loved all of your MMM outfits! You have a lovely style :)
    Congratulations on making it through to the end! My documenting kind of petered out during the last week, but it was such a fun project.

    PS: If you're into this kind of thing, I nominated you for a "Liebster Award". Totally no pressure to participate - hopefully it just helps a few more people discover your lovely blog :)
    Details are here:

    xx. Zoe

    1. Thanks! I definitely got a little sick of taking so many photos of myself by the end, too, which is why I tried to at least keep it interesting by trying different photo locations.

      Thanks for the nomination! I would love to participate, but I've already been nominated for three, and I never seem to get around to actually posting about them... so I'll have to see. Thanks though!

  3. I agree that MMM made me a bit tired of self-photos by the end! Otherwise it was a fun exercise. Glad I've discovered your blog -- always nice to find a fellow Canadian to inspire new sewing ideas :) Love your style, so I'll be following along with your adventures now.

    1. Yeah, the fun kind of wore off over the month, but I'm glad I participated. Thank you!